Bayón on ECP

Eye on EcopetrolFelipe Bayón, new CEO of Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC), spoke at the Colombian Petroleum Association’s (ACP) congress. The manager referred to the company’s performance and its plans. » Read More

MinHacienda Cárdenas talks CERT

Regulation and PolicyThe sun had set and maybe a third of the room had already either gone home or was hanging around outside waiting for the bar to open when Mauricio Cárdenas took the stage at the ACP’s annual conference to talk about a key industry issue: the incentive known as CERT. » Read More

Frontera Energy lays out its new strategy

ProductionAt the ACP’s third Congress, Frontera Energy’s Barry Larson talked about the company’s new direction and its Corporate Affairs Director Alejandro Jiménez, spoke to reporters about priorities and plans. » Read More

"Colombia has gas reserves until 2025": Naturgas

GasNaturgas president Orlando Cabrales spoke about the country's gas reserves, and legislator Antonio Correa warned about the negative effects of importing gas. » Read More

Oil production forecast

ProductionThe Ministry of Finance (MinHacienda) has published its oil production forecast for the coming years. Some industry experts believe that the situation in the medium term may be worse than MinHacienda anticipates. » Read More

Oil round in 1Q18?

Regulation and PolicyThe National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) announced an oil round for this year, which will not finish until next year, despite the entity’s plans. » Read More

ACP 2017 Congress: Optimism and a debate

Regulation and PolicyThe ACP’s 2017 congress kicked off yesterday on an up-note, with attendees showing more confidence than in recent events. Starting with Chairman Guillermo Fonseca’s welcome speech, we think the event also kicked off a return to the debate about the roles of State and company in rural development. » Read More

The industry gives a positive report on CSR projects

Communities and CSRCompanies like Parex (TSX: PXT), Ecopetrol (NYSE:EC) and Geopark (NYSE: GPRK) spoke about their CSR projects in Casanare.These and other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stories in our periodic summary. » Read More