MinMinas creates a firestorm

Regulation and PolicyPresident Juan Manuel Santos asked MinHacienda Mauricio Cárdenas and MinMinas Germán Arce, to meet with Colombia’s mayors and governors to resolve the ‘controversy’ that changes to the gasoline surcharge has aroused. » Read More

Low oil price affects municipalities

Downstream Demand and PricingMany opinions have come out after the decision of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinMinas) to reduce the gas surcharge. German Arce, MinMinas, explained his rational. » Read More

Colombia did not take advantage of oil boom

Regulation and PolicyHigh oil prices helped many countries to diversify and grow their economies. The Peterson Institute conducted an analysis of 40 nations to see if they took advantage of oil boom. Colombia was part of this research. » Read More

The post conflict process: not as easy as the government anticipated

Security and Public OrderThis has been an important week regarding the implementation of the peace agreements with the Farc, as the House of Representatives approved the law that will allow its debut as a political party, and Minister of the Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo announced a series of political reforms to be developed during the post conflict process.  » Read More

Chipirón project an environmental and production success

EnvironmentThe Colombian hydrocarbons sector had a difficult 2016, but this year has started with good news and good prospects. The Chipirón field is positioning as a way to recover a part of the lost oil production. Besides, this project is recognized as an environmental success. » Read More

Ecopetrol's Trogón-1 exploratory project advances in Guamal

EnvironmentPerhaps the most difficult social conflict problem today is in Guamal in Meta where Ecopetrol’s activities in CPO-9 have been interrupted by blockades and threatened with a ‘anti-oil’ referendum. We though readers might be interested in how the company is dealing with the matter from a public relations point of view. » Read More

Attacks against infrastructure decrease, but generate big losses

Security and Public OrderThe hydrocarbons industry is one of the most affected by infrastructure attacks and illicit acts. The reported number of these actions reduced last year, but these continue to generate large economic losses. » Read More

"Santos government took away royalties from oil producing regions to manipulate them," Macias

Communities and CSRCentro Democrático’s Senator, Ernesto Macías, has been persistently denouncing the lack of follow-up to the General System of Royalties (SGR) implemented by President Santos’ government. » Read More