Behind the drop from a million barrels

ProductionThere have been eight consecutive months with production below the coveted million barrels a day mark. While the fall in oil prices is a principal factor, it is just one of the reasons for this fall from grace, which has left its mark on public finances. » Read More

Lloreda pushes for changes to royalties, prior consultation

Regulation and PolicyThe president of the Colombian Petroleum Association Francisco José Lloreda said that the royalty framework is one of the leading causes of community conflict and must be reviewed, and prior consultation would be better served if handled by the government ahead of awarding blocks. » Read More

Government creating obstacles for E&P

Regulation and PolicyThe president of the Colombian Energy Chamber (CCEnergia) Andrés Taboada said it seems that government entities are dedicating their efforts to creating obstacles to developing exploration and production activities for oil and gas, instead of promoting these investments. » Read More

Peace Process: A historic week

Security and Public OrderPresident Juan Manuel Santos and Farc commander Rodrigo Londoño alias ‘Timochenko’ signed the peace agreement in a historic session in Cartagena. Now the deal must be approved in a crucial plebiscite this Sunday, October 2nd. » Read More

ConocoPhillips suspends VMM3 exploration

Communities and CSRColombia’s most public (potential) unconventional project, still in its early exploration phase, has been suspended by ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) due to a series of blockades in the VMM3 block. » Read More

ConocoPhillips statement on the San Martin, Cesar situation

Communities and CSRWe thought it would be useful for others to read the complete text of ConocoPhilllips (NYSE:COP) statement on the tense situation in San Martin, Cesar. It lays out clearly what the company has done, what the ANH and MinMinas have done, the blockades that arose despite this effort and what the company's reaction is to the blockades. » Read More

Promigas now reaching 3.1M gas users

GasNatural gas distributor Promigas said that in the first half of 2016 it has added 73,053 new natural gas users, bringing its total base to 3.1M in 650 different communities through its corporate group. » Read More

Gasnova warns CREG inaction risking propane supply

GasThe propane gas association Gasnova sent out a warning that there is a 7% monthly deficit in the supply of propane gas for domestic use and if immediate action is not taken 240,000 families which rely on the fuel could see their supply put at risk. » Read More