CPO-9 could be one of the most important fields in Colombia

Eye on Ecopetrol Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) wants to start recovering the lost reserves as soon as possible. CEO, Juan Carlos Echeverry, talked about the firms' prospects for ill-starred block CPO-9. » Read More

The industry has visited 51 municipalities to talk about popular consultations

Security and Public Order The president of the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH,) Orlando Velandia, spoke about the information program that the industry is currently developing throughout the country. » Read More

Campetrol on oil sector situation

Eye on Ecopetrol There is uncertainty among companies about recent problems and challenges facing the Colombian oil sector. German Espinosa, President of the Colombian Chamber of Goods and Services (Campetrol) talked about this situation and gave his perspectives. » Read More

Authorities report a 70% increase in judicialization processes for oil theft

Security and Public OrderDuring 2017, authorities in La Guajira, Cesar and Nariño reported better figures in the fight against oil theft, but Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) demanded more surveillance in Norte de Santander. The development of these and other stories in our periodic Security summary. » Read More

Coveñas / Caño Limón has been closed 56 days

Security and Public OrderThe Coveñas / Caño Limón pipeline, one of the main assets of the country to transport crude, continues to report problems from attacks and this is generating huge losses. Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) commented on the status of this important pipeline. » Read More

Popular consultation suspended in Pasca

Regulation and PolicyAfter the Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers (Acipet) requested a third injunction against popular consultations in the country, the Administrative Tribunal of Cundinamarca suspended the popular consultation in Pasca (Cundinamarca.) » Read More

Free zone of Palermo ready for offshore projects

Regulation and PolicyColombia has many offshore projects to develop in coming years. Companies are preparing and Barranquilla as well. » Read More

July closes with a positive balance on CSR projects

Communities and CSREcopetrol (NYSE: EC,) Equión and Ocensa reported on their commitment to the communities of their areas of influence and announced their most recent projects. These and other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stories in our periodic summary. » Read More