Communities And CSR

    USO working to improve local hiring

    Communities and CSRUSO Orito and USO Barranquilla representatives said that they are actively working towards improving local hiring conditions in oil producing regions, and met with representatives of oil companies and local authorities to find solutions to the issue. » Read More

    “The economy of Casanaredepends on oil activities”: CCC

    Communities and CSRAccording to the results of the Yopal Economic Perception Survey (EPE,) published by the Chamber of Commerce of Casanare (CCC,) 90% of the department’s entrepreneurs reported lower sales compared to 2015. » Read More

    CSR: The precise moment to take action

    Communities and CSRThe Canadian Embassy, together with the Brigard&Urrutia Law firm and the Colombo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce hosted the "CSR: A precise moment to take action" forum. HCC attended the event. » Read More

    Oil producing regions happy with the industry’s CSR projects

    Communities and CSREquión and Ecopetrol (NYSE:EC) announced important achievements in CSR projects in the departments of Casanare, Putumayo and Meta; these will drastically improve the quality of lives of several areas. These and other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stories in our periodic summary.  » Read More

    USO’s achievements

    Communities and CSRThe Union gathered with Colombia’s three largest mining-energy unions, and will analyze strategies to improve union activities and conditions in the country. It also announced that it ‘achieved respect’ for the Collective Work Agreements in the new employment contracts at USO Casabe. » Read More

    Terpel committed to the post-conflict process

    Communities and CSRTerpel, together with the Agency for Reincorporation and Standardization (ARN)supported three projects managed by former guerrilla and paramilitary members in the department of Casanare. » Read More

    Community leaders analyze the oil sector in Casanare

    Regulation and PolicyThe relationship between communities and the oil industry is complicated in Colombia. Casanare is one of the main producing departments and several communal leaders met to analyze the current situation. » Read More

    USO is concerned about unemployment in oil producing departments

    Communities and CSRAs usual, the union expressed its non-conformity with Ecopetrol’s (NYSE:EC) management decisions, and said that the implementation of Decree 1668 of 2016 unleashed a social crisis in Sabana de Torres and Huila. » Read More

    Corruption overshadows SGR projects

    Communities and CSREven though the Collegiate Bodies of Administration and Decision (OCAD) approved important social development projects in the departments of Neiva and Casanare, corruption scandals led to the National Department of Planning (DNP) to closely monitor, and even suspend projects in Casanare and La Guajira. These and other stories in our periodic Royalties summary.  » Read More

    Ecopetrol’s commitment to oil producing departments

    Communities and CSREcopetrol (NYSE:EC) announced that 98% of its skilled and unskilled labor in Huila are locals, and that social investment programs in 53 municipalities of Colombia are developing in a successful way.These and other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stories in our periodic summary. » Read More

    Company News

    ECP interest in Mexico

    Eye on EcopetrolEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) has big plans for the Gulf of Mexico; the Company participated in Round 2.1 and won two blocks. The company has high expectations for the results of its projects in Mexico. » Read More

    ECP and Cormagdalena signed an agreement

    Company NewsColombia wants to leverage the navigability of the Magadalena River but authorities expect large investments will be needed to achieve it. Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) and Cormagdalena announced an agreement to invest in this important river. » Read More

    ECP hopes are in two wells

    ExplorationEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) wants to start recovering the reserves lost because of the oil crisis and low exploration in recent years. The company has high expectations for two wells. » Read More

    ICP to Invest in Infrastructure

    InfrastructureThe Colombian Petroleum Institute (ICP) is the main research center of the industry in the country. ICP announced investments to support Ecopetrol's 2017-2020 business plan (NYSE: EC). » Read More

    ECP's international strategy

    Company NewsEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) aims to expand its international presence. The firm is looking at several different countries to increase its operations. » Read More

    Pacific changes more than just its name

    Company NewsThe company formerly known as Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation is in a transformation process to become a a new and more competitive company. The firm announced a name change and new strategy. » Read More

    Ecopetrol’s tanker trucks blocked from Barrancabermeja

    Eye on EcopetrolAs of August, the NOC’s tanker trucks will not be able to enter directly into the city and Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) will have to search for an alternative route. » Read More

    Bioenergy starts ethanol commercialization

    Eye on EcopetrolEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) announced progress at the Bioenergy plant, the largest ethanol production complex in the country. The company said the ethanol-marketing phase began. » Read More

    Ecopetrol and El Centro community reach an agreement

    Communities and CSRAfter 10 days of strikes and blockades, and almost three days of negotiations, the communities of ‘El Centro’ and Ecopetrol (NYSE:EC) signed the agreement that allows the reactivation of activities at La Cira-Infantas field. » Read More

    Social unrest is getting worse

    Company NewsRelations between communities and oil industry are deteriorating every day. This situation is affecting everyone and it seems that there is no solution. » Read More


    ANH will tender 40 blocks this year

    ConcessionsBetween the end of July and the beginning of August of this year, the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) will start offering new blocks, following the permanent allocation scheme that it announced recently. » Read More

    Canacol announces gas block farm-in

    Company NewsCanacol Energy Ltda (TSX: CNE) announced an agreement to a 50% farm-in with Pacific Exploration and Production (TSX: PEN) for a gas block near its other properties.  » Read More

    Amerisur increases its presence in Putumayo

    Company NewsAmerisur Resources Plc (LON: AMER) announced asset acquisitions in the Caguan-Putumayo Basin. The blocks were bought from Pacific Energy E&P (TSX: PEN).    » Read More

    ANH approves plan to reactivate the industry

    Regulation and PolicyThe National Government failed to receive about CoP$23.6T due to the oil price drop and the sector crisis affected everyone. In September 2015, the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) announced improvements and incentives to boost the sector. Nearly a year-and-a-half later, finally, the new regulation has been approved.  » Read More

    Nothing happening

    ConcessionsThe graph shows the history of contracts signed by the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH). The post-2014 record is not inspiring. » Read More

    ANH publishes draft of assignment regulations

    Regulation and PolicyIn its first regulatory move since the exit of its president earlier this year, the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) has published a draft of regulations which will govern a promised new assignment process. The agency will receive comments through September 18th, 2016. » Read More

    After 30 years, Cusiana heading back to Ecopetrol

    Eye on EcopetrolThe other major reversion (besides Rubiales), Ecopetrol (NYSE:EC) is set to receive the Cusiana field on July 4th, after the end of the Tauramena association contract, signed originally between BP (NYSE:BP) and Ecopetrol in 1986. » Read More

    Ecopetrol launches 2016 Round

    Eye on EcopetrolEcopetrol (NYSE:EC) has made good on promises to sell off its non-core assets, and has announced a ‘2016 Field Round’ in which it is auctioning 20 assets to the oil & gas industry. » Read More

    Rare view into ANH agreement

    Company NewsThe National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) has been willing to negotiate contract terms of E&P contracts as one of the benefits delivered to the industry due to the fall of oil prices. But rarely do these agreements get released to the public. A recent agreement made with Interoil over COR-6 gives us a small window into this process. » Read More

    ANH reports a spike in block related transactions

    ConcessionsThe National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) says that it has detected a significant increase in the buying and selling of E&P blocks, provoked by the fall in oil prices. » Read More

    Downstream, Demand And Pricing

    Consumers to benefit from fuel price liberalization

    Downstream Demand and PricingIndustry experts talked about how consumers would benefit from the liberalization of fuel prices in Colombia. » Read More

    Controller calls for gasoline price liberation

    Downstream Demand and PricingThe Comptroller General proposed changing the gasoline price policy in the country. It generated an interesting discussion.  » Read More

    Ecopetrol’s refining activity drops again

    Eye on EcopetrolDespite assurances that Reficar is now practically online, refining volume dropped at the NOCs flagship facility for the second straight quarter. » Read More

    Vasconia moves closer to Brent

    Downstream Demand and PricingVasconia is perhaps Colombias most emblematic crude oil blend and last quarter the discount fell again, reducing the gap to Brent. » Read More

    Fuel prices increase again

    Downstream Demand and PricingThe Ministry of Mines and Energy announced a new rise in the fuel prices in the country. It has grown consistently since January this year.  » Read More

    Consequences of a low oil price in 2016

    Regulation and PolicyLast year was difficult for the sector because of the continued oil price decline. The industry had to adapt to this environment and learn to operate with the lowest price in 12 years. » Read More

    “The Pacific coast plant will improve competitiveness”: Valle del Cauca associations

    GasValle del Cauca business associations defended the construction of the Pacific coast regasification plant because according to them, is an important competitiveness element for Colombia. » Read More

    The magic formula does its magic once again

    Downstream Demand and PricingThe graph shows fuel producer prices what Ecopetrol (NYSE:EC) receives which are unaffected by the so-called Green Tax. We think the graph shows Colombians are still paying too much although the gap has reduced somewhat. » Read More

    CREG Director talks about regasification plants

    GasGermán Castro, Executive Director of the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG) spoke about regasification plants in Colombia, the government’s priorities and the sector's perspectives on this. » Read More

    Gasnova says propane demand going up

    Downstream Demand and PricingAlejandro Martínez Villegas, President of the propane distribution association (Gasnova), is optimistic about the future of propane in the country. He mentioned that the construction of the new plant in Cartagena is vital to guarantee supply. » Read More


    Perenco’s environmental emergency

    EnvironmentAn environmental emergency took place in the Sirivana village, in the municipality of Nunchia (Casanare,) where apparently old pipelines from the company Perenco Colombia Limited caused an oil spill over a large water stream. » Read More

    Ecopetrol reported environmental incidents in Santander

    EnvironmentEnvironmental emergencies took place at Ecopetrol’s (NYSE:EC) El Llanito field and La Selva village in Santander. The development of these and more stories in our periodic Eco Summary. » Read More

    ANLA strengthens water monitoring

    EnvironmentThe National Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA) participated in the first water monitoring workshop 2017-2018, organized by the Canadian Corporation and the Agri team Foundation. Plans were announced to strengthen the sector. » Read More

    "Yes to water, and to oil too:" Ecopetrol

    EnvironmentIn a press release, the NOC explained why environment and oil activities are compatible. » Read More

    Echeverry’s visit to Cumaral

    Security and Public OrderThe popular consultation that will determine whether citizens of Cumaral (Meta) approve oil activities in their territory or not, will take place on July 4th. Ecopetrol’s (NYSE:EC) president went to the municipality to defend the NOC’s position on the matter. » Read More

    Constitutional Court to investigate impacts of mining in Colombia

    Regulation and PolicyThe Constitutional Court ordered the creation of an inter-institutional roundtable to investigate the impacts of mining activities in the country.  » Read More

    Apparently, 2017 is the year of popular consultations

    EnvironmentArbeláez (Cundinamarca) may or may not have oil but it does get to have an anti-oil referendum. So does Pasca in the same department. The development of these and more stories in our periodic Eco Summary. » Read More

    Some positive press for a change

     » Read More

    Protests affect La Cira Infantas field

    EnvironmentEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) said one of its largestoil fields has stopped producing. The company went on to say thatblockades and sabotages to La Cira-Infantasfield could affect nearby villages. » Read More

    GTE forced to suspend activities at El Porton

    Security and Public OrderOnce again, Gran Tierra (TSX:GTE) has been forced to suspend activities at El Porton in Yopal, Casanare because of community concerns about environmental impact, despite the ANLAs support for the companys license. » Read More


    Anadarko chooses Barranquilla

    ExplorationRepresentatives of Shell (LON: RDSB) and Anadarko (NYSE: APC) were present at the ExpoBarranquilla 2017. They talked about their perspectives and the companies’ plans in the Colombian Coast. Anadarko announced that it had selected the city as its base.   » Read More

    Oil and Mining crisis

    ExplorationConcerns in the private sector are growing because of recent popular referendums against mining and oil projects in the country. Several municipalities have announced their intention to carry out popular consultations that could affect the development of the mining and oil sector. » Read More

    Petrobras chooses Santa Marta

    ExplorationThere are many offshore projects to develop in the Caribbean Sea and it has attracted the attention of many cities to invite companies to their territories. Oil firms are already starting to choose where to set up their facilities. » Read More

    ECP hopes are in two wells

    ExplorationEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) wants to start recovering the reserves lost because of the oil crisis and low exploration in recent years. The company has high expectations for two wells. » Read More

    The industry expects to increase number of wells drilled

    DrillingThere is optimism about the sector’s performance this year. Oil companies announced good financial and operational resultsduring 1Q17, and Colombian authorities hope to see better results in coming quarters.  » Read More

    Bolivar and Córdoba could boost national production

    ExplorationFifteen municipalities located in Bolivar and in 10 municipalities of Córdoba, were identified as potential oil producing areas. » Read More

    Some positive press for a change

     » Read More

    "Hydraulic stimulation" is necessary for the country

    ExplorationThe Colombian Association of Oil Engineers (Acipet) organized a breakfast to give the press "objective, technical and clear information about Hydraulic Stimulation in producingrockreservoirs in Colombia". HCC was present at the event; we bring a brief summary of the meeting. » Read More

    Santos and Arce visited the Siluro-1 well

    Regulation and PolicyJuan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia and German Arce Zapata, MinMinas, visited the Siluro-1 well drilled by Repsol (MSE: REP). They highlighted their commitment to the offshore industry in Colombia. » Read More

    Offshore challenges

    ExplorationThe sector has announced several gas discoveries in the Caribbean Sea in recent months. Colombia wants to seize the offshore opportunities but it also wants to be ready for the challenges that this represents. » Read More


    ICP to Invest in Infrastructure

    InfrastructureThe Colombian Petroleum Institute (ICP) is the main research center of the industry in the country. ICP announced investments to support Ecopetrol's 2017-2020 business plan (NYSE: EC). » Read More

    Big investments in Magdalena River for crude transport

    InfrastructureThe sector is investing in oil transportation infrastructure in the country. The industry is betting on transporting at least some of the crude through the Magdalena River. » Read More

    Alliance between Canacol and Promigas

    InfrastructureThe Colombian Caribbean coast has many challenges in energy matters and suffers many shortages. Promigas and Canacol Energy (TSX: CNE) are analyzing options to improve this aspect. » Read More

    Government to issue new rules to improve gas transportation

    InfrastructureThe executive director of the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG), Germán Castro, said that the government will be more involved in building strategic infrastructure for the sector and will issue new standards to improve it. » Read More

    Quantity down but that does not mean much to Arauca

    Security and Public OrderOur count of security incidents near oil and gas infrastructure that we attribute to the guerrilla went down this month. But considering the impact, mere numbers are not telling the whole story. » Read More

    CCL pipeline’s new guardian

    Security and Public OrderCodaltec and Colombian engineers designed and built a satellite radar to guard the Caño Limón-Coveñas pipeline. » Read More

    Ecopetrol’s Transport unit in the spotlight

    InfrastructureEcopetrol’s (NYSE:EC) E&P business unit had more EBITDA than its Transport Line of Business (LoB) in 2016 but by far the largest contributor to Net Income was Transport. This continues to generate controversy. We hope this graph is helpful. » Read More

    Ecopetrol and Invías invest in dredging Magdalena River

    InfrastructureAccording to Cormagdalena, Ecopetrol (NYSE:EC) and Invías will help finance the maintenance and dredging work in the Magdalena River, if the contract with Navelena expires. » Read More

    TGI to invest US$200M in infrastructure

    InfrastructureThe International Gas Transport Company (TGI) celebrated its 25th anniversary and announced through a press statement that its plan for 2017 includes investments in infrastructure. » Read More

    ECP restructuring transportation business

    Eye on EcopetrolEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) has been strengthening its transport business in recent years. The Colombian company has great plans for this corporate area since it has become one of the most profitable. » Read More

    Other Voices

    Oil vs water

    EnvironmentWith the title “Fracking vs clean development mechanisms” a Llanos Internet news site tries to cover all the sides of the water issue but ends in a predictable conclusion. » Read More

    USO news summary for the week ending December 7, 2012

    Other VoicesThis week the USO reported on its national assembly and its plans to create an occupational health department. More important is a news item on hearings in Villavicencio on the social and environmental impacts of the mining and hydrocarbons sectors in the department of Meta. A left-wing senator, Alexander López Maya told the hearing that working conditions in Puerto Gaitan were typical of a concentration camp. That’s strange considering that Pacific Rubiales told a conference on sustainable communities and petroleum last Friday that it had no community or labor relations issues in Puerto Gaitan. Although the truth is no doubt somewhere between zero and the Gulag archipelago, we are inclined to think it very much closer to the company’s point of view than one reported by the USO.  » Read More

    USO news summary for week ending November 23, 2012

    Other Voices(The USO is the Colombian petroleum workers union. Unrepentantly radically left, it often seems trapped in some Marxist-Leninist twilight zone from before the fall of the Berlin Wall or perhaps before the Second World War. Still its capacity for mischief is unmistakable and so we believe it is important for oil and gas industry stakeholders to keep track of what they are up to. We will summarize major news items from their webpage or other sources and publish the summary every Monday. We will reproduce the tone of their items while not agreeing with their messages.)  » Read More

    What is the labor situation in Colombia?

    Communities and CSR
    October 10, 2012
    After a union leader told RCN Radio that recent riots in Puerto Gaitan that killed three people were because "Pacific Rubiales has not kept its commitments", the company was forced to issue a statement that this was not true. The company's explanation fits the facts better: that a policeman ran over and killed a small child, the community wanted to lynch him, his fellow policemen defended him and a riot broke out. » Read More

    GeoPark reports 1H12 results -- highlights Colombian operations

    Chile-based GeoPark reported its first half 2012 results in a press release, highlighting acquisitions in Colombia that increased production and successful exploration in Colombia as well.

    The company closed two acquisitions in Colombia in the first half and that contributed 88% of the 194% increase in revenues that the company recorded. The price was US$105M and revenue contribution for the first half was US$36M which should make the CFO and the shareholders happy.Company News » Read More

    Regulation And Policy

    Fracking is the way to growth

    Regulation and PolicyThe Colombian oil sector is experiencing very difficult times at present. The industry is analyzing options to boost growth, and fracking is one of the main alternatives. Julio Cesar Vera, President of ACIPET, talked about this topic.  » Read More

    Velandia talks about popular referendums

    Regulation and PolicyRecent popular referendums have increased legal uncertainty in Colombia. Leaders of the sector have shown their concern and Orlando Velandia, President of the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) talked about this issue. » Read More

    Delays in SGR projects alarm authorities

    Regulation and PolicyEven though a budget was approved to finance projects in Casanare and Arauca, as a result of delays and irregularities in projects being developed in Yopal, the National Department of Planning (DNP) conducted a ‘marathon review’ of SGR projects in the department. These and other stories in our Royalties periodic summary. » Read More

    Energy and gas market attract European investment

    Regulation and PolicyThe Colombia Stock Exchange (BVC) hosted the Colombia Inside Out 2017 event in London, to present business opportunities in different sectors of the country. » Read More

    Fedepalma rejects freeze on palm biodiesel prices

    Regulation and PolicyThe National Federation of Palm Growers (Fedepalma) disagrees with Government’s decisions on the National Biofuels program. The federation referred to the consequences of these actions. » Read More

    "The industry is threatened:" Francisco José Lloreda

    Regulation and PolicyThe Colombian Petroleum Association (ACP) believes that the wave of popular consultations in the country can have negative consequences for companies wanting to find reserves in the country. » Read More

    ANH announces Agreement 02 of 2017

    Regulation and PolicyThe long-anticipated event took place on June 7th in Bogotá. The initiative was announced in September of 2015 and was supposed to have been signed in March 2016 but has suffered multiple delays and setbacks. » Read More

    Ruling against Promigas

    Security and Public OrderA court in La Guajira issued a ruling against Promigas making it pay compensation for a guerrilla attack on its facilities. Some representatives of the sector talked about this issue and there is much concern about legal situation in the country. » Read More

    Government to regulate popular referendums

    Regulation and PolicyThe National Government plans to regulate popular referendums and prior consultations in Colombia. These actions have grown exponentially recently and have affected oil and mining projects. » Read More

    Government increases requirements for the award of blocks

    Regulation and PolicyTo participate, companies must register in a single database and update their information every year. » Read More

    Security And Public Order

    Espinosa talks about social unrest

    Security and Public OrderThere are huge concerns about the consequences of recent popular referendums and their fast growth in Colombia. Germán Espinosa, Executive President of Campetrol, wrote an article about this problem in La Republica. » Read More

    Doubts about the commitment of ELN to the peace process

    Security and Public OrderA former Farc member was captured in Costa Rica while transporting cocaine, and the ELN kidnapped two Dutch journalists in Norte de Santander. » Read More

    Oil theft has taken CoP$15B from Ecopetrol in 2017

    Security and Public OrderThose responsible for this crime legalize the fuel through fake companies, the guerrilla and mafia networks. » Read More

    Terpel committed to the post-conflict process

    Communities and CSRTerpel, together with the Agency for Reincorporation and Standardization (ARN)supported three projects managed by former guerrilla and paramilitary members in the department of Casanare. » Read More

    Fuel smuggling escalated in the country

    Security and Public OrderOil theft and illegal transportation of fuel have become a big issue in the departments of Norte de Santander and Arauca. However, the police have been able to react to it and are now working on new strategies to keep the issue under control. The development of these and other stories in our periodic Security Summary. » Read More

    Legal uncertainty affected FDI

    Security and Public OrderColombia´s Central Bank has not published Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) figures for 1Q17, but we show petroleum FDI and RRR during 2016. Social environment has increase legal uncertainty in the industry and it could affect the performance of these metrics this year. » Read More

    Yet more Cumaral reactions

    Security and Public OrderAs popular anti-oil referendums arise all over Colombia, the government and oil associationswent out to explain what the‘post- popular referendums legal uncertainty’ represents for Colombia. » Read More

    Ruling against Promigas

    Security and Public OrderA court in La Guajira issued a ruling against Promigas making it pay compensation for a guerrilla attack on its facilities. Some representatives of the sector talked about this issue and there is much concern about legal situation in the country. » Read More

    Have to admit it’s getting better

     » Read More

    "If we win in 2018, we will walk away from the negotiation table with ELN:" Cambio Radical

    Security and Public OrderJorge Enrique Vélez, president of Cambio Radical political party, told the ELN to "take advantage" of what is left from Santos’ government to end their peace talks, because if Vargas Lleras (Cambio Radical’s candidate) wins in 2018, these negotiations will come to an end. » Read More