Meet Our Collaborators

Algimantas Didziulis
Investor, board member and advisor. Focus in the energy and education sectors. Enbridge International advisor, Petroforte International Inc Board Member, Petroval Investment Committee Member, Transgas De Occidente SA board member and TransCanada advisor, Iamgold Corp. advisor, Corporacion Universitaria Iberoamericana board of trustees member, former Vice President of Enbridge International, former president of TransCanada Colombia, former Ocensa SA board member, former CentroOriente SA board member.
Leon Teicher

Leon Teicher was for six years, until December 31st 2011, President and CEO of Cerrejón, Colombia’s largest private coal mine exporter and one of the largest integrated mining companies in the world (mine, railroad, port, marketing operations, 10,000 employees). He believes in the public responsibility of private companies and in the symbiotic interaction between long term continued business success and the harmonious integration of business activities with the environment and the society around it, especially in developing countries.

As of July 2013, Leon is devoted to his personal investments and is a member of the boards of P1 Energy Corporation, Cementos Argos, Continental Gold, CHM Mining, Los Andes University, Fedesarrollo. He regularly writes opinion columns for Colombian media.

Leon holds an MBA from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Economics from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. He was a Fulbright Scholar (1976 – 1978). 

Luis Ernesto Mejía Castro
Now an independent consultant, Luis Ernesto Mejia Castro was the Minister of Mines and Energy in the government of President Alvaro Uribe from 2002 to 2006 having served as Vice Minister under President Andres Pastrana in 2001. He is a lawyer and business person originally from Colombia’s Valle de Cauca region.
Manuel Maiguashca
Viceminister of Mines and Energy 2002-2009. In charge of executing and implementing policies of increased coverage, development and expansion of the country’s power sector. Member of the board of Isagen, ISA, FEN, Ecopetrol, Metrocali, Ecogas. He restructured the power distribution sector in Colombia and created the new capacity charge legislation in the country.
Tomas de la Calle – Feature Editor
Tomás de la Calle has been active in the energy business for 25 years. His involvement in the oil & gas industry started with BP where he held job positions in both Colombia and the UK. As former Sub-Director of the newly created National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) he led the start-up process, including the negotiation of the first oil concessions. He moved then to IHS/CERA as Managing Consultant for the Angolan NOC (Sonangol) project to design the structure and operation of the E&P regulator (the “Concessionaire”.) Most recently, he served as the General Manager for Columbus Energy, a junior oil company. He is currently an Independent Oil & Gas Consultant, Trainer, Lecturer and Board Member of companies operating in the Colombian energy sector. Tomás holds a B.Sc. degree in Engineering, a Specialist diploma in ‘Economic Policy’, and has recently acquired his MBA on Energy Management from the Vienna University (WU).
Wally Swain – Managing Editor
Wally Swain has been writing and consulting since 2002 after 25 years in executive positions with Bell Canada in Canada and Colombia. He is SVP, Emerging Markets for Yankee Group the preeminent research and advisory firm equipping enterprises to profit in a mobile world. Wally is a well-known commentator on high technology in Latin America. For all but one year since 2002 he has been the Chairman of the Board of the Colombia-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, a position which brought him into the oil and gas industry from a public policy viewpoint. Wally has a Masters in Mathematics (Statistics) from the University of Waterloo. He is fluent in English and Spanish and comprehends French and business Portuguese.