ECP interest in Mexico

Eye on EcopetrolEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) has big plans for the Gulf of Mexico; the Company participated in Round 2.1 and won two blocks. The company has high expectations for the results of its projects in Mexico. » Read More

ECP and Cormagdalena signed an agreement

Company NewsColombia wants to leverage the navigability of the Magadalena River but authorities expect large investments will be needed to achieve it. Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) and Cormagdalena announced an agreement to invest in this important river. » Read More

Perenco’s environmental emergency

EnvironmentAn environmental emergency took place in the Sirivana village, in the municipality of Nunchia (Casanare,) where apparently old pipelines from the company Perenco Colombia Limited caused an oil spill over a large water stream. » Read More

USO working to improve local hiring

Communities and CSRUSO Orito and USO Barranquilla representatives said that they are actively working towards improving local hiring conditions in oil producing regions, and met with representatives of oil companies and local authorities to find solutions to the issue. » Read More

Oil production keeps its negative tendency

ProductionThe Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinMinas) reported yet another oil production decrease in the country for May 2017, compared to the same period last year.  » Read More

Espinosa talks about social unrest

Security and Public OrderThere are huge concerns about the consequences of recent popular referendums and their fast growth in Colombia. Germán Espinosa, Executive President of Campetrol, wrote an article about this problem in La Republica. » Read More

“The economy of Casanaredepends on oil activities”: CCC

Communities and CSRAccording to the results of the Yopal Economic Perception Survey (EPE,) published by the Chamber of Commerce of Casanare (CCC,) 90% of the department’s entrepreneurs reported lower sales compared to 2015. » Read More

Doubts about the commitment of ELN to the peace process

Security and Public OrderA former Farc member was captured in Costa Rica while transporting cocaine, and the ELN kidnapped two Dutch journalists in Norte de Santander. » Read More