Geopark 2Q17 results

Company NewsGeopark Limited (NYSE: GPRK) announced its financial and operational results for the three-month period ended June 30, 2017.  The company achieved record consolidated production and extraction in Colombia keeps “climbing”. » Read More

Bayón new CEO of ECP

Eye on EcopetrolEcopetrol (NYSE: EC) announced that its current Chief Operating Officer, Felipe Bayón will take over as chief executive.  Juan Carlos Echeverry resigned for family reasons. This news generated many reactions.  » Read More

Echeverry’s legacy to ECP

Eye on EcopetrolAfter presenting his resignation to Ecopetrol’s (NYSE: EC) Board of Directors, Juan Carlos Echeverry spoke about his achievements in the NOC’s financial situation. » Read More

USO on fracking

Communities and CSRThrough a nationalist statement, the union spoke about unconventional resources and the visit of US Vice president Mike Pence in Colombia. » Read More

Campetrol on fracking

Representatives of the sector have been giving their opinion on the alternative of developing oil projects through fracking. German Espinosa, President of the Colombian Chamber of Goods and Services (Campetrol) spoke about this option and its implications in the country. » Read More

Echeverry leaves Ecopetrol

Company NewsCompany NewsEcopetrol’s (NYSE:EC) board of directors accepted the resignation of the company’s current president Juan Carlos Echeverry, filed for family reasons. Just in the past few days, Echeverry had spokenabout the NOC’s international strategy to increase reserves. » Read More

"Oil producing municipalities have a better quality of life": ACP

Communities and CSRA report by the Colombian Petroleum Association (ACP) shows that 70% of the variables of the Multidimensional Poverty Index showed better results in oil producing regions than in those that do not develop oil activities. » Read More

Competition in the Latin American oil industry is increasing

ProductionLatin American countries aim to boost their oil industry, and they are making changes to achieve it. Many heavy weights have shown their interest in the region.Competition is increasing, governments are planning their strategies and companies are analyzing the most attractive alternatives.  » Read More