ANIF on ECP stock Price

Eye on EcopetrolSergio Clavijo, Director of the Center for Economic Studies (ANIF) in collaboration with Ekaterina Cuéllar and Nelson Vera analyzed the behavior of Ecopetrol (NYSE: EC) stock price after a decade in the public market. » Read More

Industry expects US$4.9M in investments next year

Regulation and PolicyAccording to a report from the Colombian Petroleum Association (ACP), companies invested US$3.4M in the country during 2017.  » Read More

Carbon tax

EnvironmentThe government has taken several measures in fiscal terms with the aim of recovering deteriorating public finances and combating climate change. Expectations of the authorities are high, especially with taxes for fossil fuels, but there are emerging concerns about the real destination of these new taxes. » Read More

MinMinas says that Colombia should bet on VNG to reduce pollution

EnvironmentThe Minister of Mines and Energy (MinMinas) participated in Semana’s ‘Clean Energies Week,’ where he spoke about the environmental benefits of converting public transportation into Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG). The development of these and more stories in our periodic Eco summary. » Read More

Propane imports started

GasPropane imports are a reality in the country and these recently started through Cartagena. Importing companies hope to supply the local market. » Read More

ANH hopes to extend Colombia's self-sufficiency in 2018

ExplorationThe president of the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH), Orlando Velandia, said that he is positive about next year because the country’s self-sufficiency measure will not fall like it has during the last four years. » Read More

Unconventionals forum

ExplorationThe Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers (Acipet) organized a forum on unconventional technologies (UC) in Bogotá. HCC was present and we bring a brief summary of the meeting. » Read More

This year ends with a positive report on royalties’ projects

Regulation and PolicyThe Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinMinas) and the Collegiate Body for Administration and Decision (OCAD) reported successful projects financed with royalties’ resources in Córdoba, Norte de Santander and the Caribbean. These and other stories in our periodic Royalties summary. » Read More