Vasconia discount falls again

ProductionWe know 3Q17 is already over but companies have not published their financial results yet and we had not published our chart tracking the price of Vasconia crude for 2Q17. » Read More

Post-conflict process debate

Communities and CSRACIPET congress organized an interesting debate on the post-conflict process and the role of the sector at this stage. Important public figures participated to talk about this subject. » Read More

Colombia’s environmental challenges

Regulation and PolicyThe Colombian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) hosted the “New Environmental Challenges in Colombia” panel, where Minister of Environment (MinAmbiente) Luis Gilberto Murillo spoke about the main environmental challenges that the post conflict process will bring. HCC attended the event. » Read More

Corruption alert in Casanare

Regulation and PolicyA group of journalists from Yopal (Casanare) promoted a campaign via twitter to protect the resources from the General System of Royalties (SGR), arguing that they could be vulnerable to fall into corruption. These and other stories in our periodic Royalties summary.  » Read More

Frontera plans 2018

Company NewsFrontera Energy (TSE: FEC) announced its plans for 2018 in Colombia. The company aims to strengthen its presence in the country. » Read More

ACIPET congress

Regulation and PolicyThe Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers (ACIPET) organized its XVII oil and gas Colombian congress in Bogota. Representatives of the sector and the government inaugurated this event and HCC bring a brief summary of what they said. » Read More

Authorities want SETP to use natural gas

Regulation and PolicyWith the aim of improving air quality in Neiva, local authorities announced that they are working on a pilot project for the new Public Transport Strategic System (SETP) buses to switch to natural gas (VNG). » Read More

CAS closes Terpel’s plant in Barrancabermeja

EnvironmentThe Regional Environmental Corporation of the department of Santander (CAS) ordered the closure of a Terpel plant in Barrancabermeja, arguing environmental contamination in the Zarzal stream. The development of these and more stories in our periodic Eco summary.  » Read More