Rubiales – one year later

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Better late than never

Over the past few weeks, there has been a considerable change in the government’s public declarations about the industry. This has raised hopes that there could be a corresponding change in its attitudes towards some of the thornier issues on the table, like social conflict. » Read More

The usual suspects?

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CREG / SNC study calculates tanker costs

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Getting things off my chest

I have not had a good rant for a while. I need one because it was a rough week last week; hard not to believe that things are moving at best ‘sideways’ in the Industry as the government expresses much concern but does very little to help. » Read More

Agreement 2: Transforming the assignment of hydrocarbons areas in Colombia Part 4

Now Part 4 of our ongoing series written by Leopoldo Olavarría and the team at Norton Rose Fulbright on the Agreement 2, the National Hydrocarbons Agency’s (ANH) rewrite of the rules for block assignment and contracting. In this week’s installment, they focus on the changes made by the New Agreement with respect to (a) the capability requirements imposed on companies interested in entering into contracts with the ANH (whether an E&P Contract or a Technical Evaluation Agreement - TEA) and (b) Exploration Programs. » Read More

Only the ELN left

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Water yes, oil as well

Professor Freddy Humberto Escobar gave a talk at Javeriana University about the debate between oil and water. Since this the nominal (if not fundamental) cause of social conflict and anti-oil referendums, we went to see what we could learn. » Read More

MinMinas now 0 for 5 in referendums

Yesterday it was Pijao in Quindio and Arbelaez in Cundinamarca. Is it not time to ask if the government’s strategy should be revised? » Read More

Regression to the mean

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