Security incidents: it is not about the numbers

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We expected unconventional licensing by November 2013 and then what happened?

A reader asked me why we had said that the research on unconventional had already been done. I told him it was because there was a time in 2013 and 2014 when it appeared as if fracking was just around the corner. Then the wheels came off. I went back into our library of past articles to prove my point and understand what happened. » Read More

Colombia holding its own to global indexes

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The industry and Colombia’s post-conflict process

The Colombian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCCC) hosted the third "Entrepreneurial Challenges for Peacebuilding in Colombia" forum, where industry representatives and state officials gave their opinion on how the industry can contribute to the post-conflict process taking place in Colombia. » Read More

Battling your CFO over Colombian prices and netbacks

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Peace with the ELN?

Undoubtedly, the big news this week is the prospect of peace with the ELN. I have been a skeptic but this week’s announcement of a bilateral ceasefire changes the odds. » Read More

The usual suspects redux

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This week we got the July crude oil production results (earlier than last month at least) and while the official press release focused on year-over-year growth, I think we are flat, becalmed in the ‘mid-850s’ doldrums. The natural question is “How do we get out of this?” » Read More

Rubiales – one year later

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Better late than never

Over the past few weeks, there has been a considerable change in the government’s public declarations about the industry. This has raised hopes that there could be a corresponding change in its attitudes towards some of the thornier issues on the table, like social conflict. » Read More